Best IV Therapy in Lehi: Who are the Top 5?

It seems that IV therapy locations are popping up all over Northern Utah these days. If you haven’t tried it out yet, come see what all the hype is about! IV therapy is a great way to get efficient hydration and fuel your body with the vitamins and nutrients it needs. Whether you’re getting over a sickness, needing to replenish fluids, or just want to keep your body feeling the best, IV therapy will take your well being to the next level. However, it can be difficult to choose where to go with all the options now available in Utah county and especially Lehi. In this guide, we’ll outline the top 5 companies that offer the very best IV therapy in Lehi.

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Drp IV – The Best In Home IV Therapy

Drp IV is the top IV therapy provider in Lehi. With an IV menu of over 13 drip options and even more additives to customize your drip, there is a treatment for all your wellness needs. One aspect that sets Drp IV apart from some of the other best IV therapy in Lehi is our ability to bring the IV to you.


We specialize in in home IV therapy so you can enjoy the comforts of your own home while getting a feel-good IV treatment. We understand leaving the house is one of the last things you want to do when you’re not feeling well. We also know what it’s like having a busy schedule. This is why we want to offer our patients the utmost convenience alongside the utmost care.


As a totally mobile IV therapy company with a host of IV options, we can treat you anywhere that you may be. If you’re at the office needing an energy boost, we’ve got you covered. If you’re at the gym just finishing a workout, we’re there to give you the rehydration you need!

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Here are some of the other best places for IV therapy in Lehi

The Mint IV Bar

The Mint IV Bar is native to Lehi. They offer a variety of drips from their physical location located off of Lehi Main St. One defining aspect of their services is the Weight Loss assistance program that they offer.


You may have heard the buzz surrounding semaglutide, a weight loss peptide that is rapidly gaining in popularity. The Mint IV Bar is also offering semaglutide to assist in weight loss efforts. If your current efforts such as eating right, exercising often, or trying Lipo drips aren’t working, the Mind IV Bar may have a solution to help you.

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Want to try an IV treatment with Glutathione?

Ruma Aesthetics

Ruma Aesthetics is a med spa in Northern Lehi that treats their patients to more than just IV therapy. Part of why Ruma is on the list of best IV therapy in Lehi, is because of their wide range of services.


If you’re out and about and need hydration, they’ve got you covered. Looking to try out hormone or peptide therapy to boost your wellness? They do that too. They also offer skin treatments and women’s health services. Ruma is great if you’re looking for a one stop shop or more intensive health services.

Ruma aesthetic

Prime IV Lehi

Prime IV is a popular location for IV therapy across Utah County. They’re a stone’s throw away from the outlets in Traverse Mountain, making for a great pit stop after a long day of running errands. 


Prime IV, like our other Best IV therapies in Lehi, offers memberships. With so many locations across Utah and Salt Lake county, it can be handy to transfer your membership to other Prime IV locations.


Prime specializes in IV therapy and has a helpful menu of IV treatments that make choosing the right one for your symptoms pretty easy. They also offer comfortable chairs to relax in while getting your treatment.

Prime IV

Neuragenex Pain Management

We’ve included Neuragenex Pain Management on our list of the best IV therapy in Lehi because of their unique approach to pain management. Their IV therapy packages are catered towards those experiencing chronic or acute pain and are often added to enhance a treatment plan. They have locations across the U.S but if you’re a Utah local, you’ll find them in Lehi and Bluffdale.


Their services range from treating Chronic fatigue and joint pain, to mood enhancing and detox IV therapy treatments. 


If you’re struggling with something more severe and bothersome, Neuragenex could be a great option for you. Receive the best IV therapy treatment in Lehi as an add on to your pain management treatment at Neuragenex.

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How Were These Chosen as The Best IV Therapy in Lehi, UT?

In order to determine where to find the best IV therapy in Lehi and the surrounding areas, certain factors were considered such as: 

  • Uniqueness of service
  • Convenience
  • Affordability
  • Proximity

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