Best IV Therapy in Provo: Who are the Top 5?

As IV therapy grows in demand and popularity, more and more clinics and companies offering IVs are popping up in Utah Valley. Today we’re here to dive into our top 5 best IV therapy companies in Provo (and the surrounding area). 


Have you gotten an IV from any of these companies? Leave a comment on this post about your experience! Or, if we missed a contender, let us know.

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Drp IV: The Best Mobile IV Therapy in Provo

If you want to feel your best, boost your immunity, and recovery from sickness faster, Drp IV is the top pick. Not only do we come right to you, we have customizable drip packages to meet any need. 


Mobile IV therapy is a popular option for those who are under the weather or who have a busy schedule. We bring the IV to you so you can sit back, relax, and skip the traffic. We understand that leaving the house is one of the last things you want to do when you’re sick. 


If you’re in the market for a quick pick-me-up or immunity boost, we can also come to your place of work! The best part? You can keep working while getting the IV at your desk! Our nurses will ensure that you’re comfortable and will work with you to make sure the IV is placed in the best spot for your veins and conducive to your work.


Another reason Drp IV is listed as the Best IV Therapy in Provo is the connection we make with our patients. We don’t believe in a one size fits all philosophy. Though we do have a drip menu you can choose from, our nurses are educated and trained on what our vitamins and ingredients can do to help you. Add any nutrient to your drip, or opt for an intramuscular shot of any ingredient!


Some of our most popular drips are for:

  • Boosting hydration
  • Improving cognitive clarity
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Improving mood
  • Assisting in muscle recovery
  • Recovering from hangovers
  • Boosting athletic performance


We Recommend Drp IV

The convenience of getting IV therapy in your home or office is unmatched. Our IV treatment is the highest quality and you can be assured that an educated, attentive nurse will be sent to you. We also offer various options for saving money on drips such as our membership program, referral program, and post for a dose initiatives. As about these at your next drip for an opportunity to save some money while investing in your health!

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Here are some of the other best places for IV therapy in Provo:

Prime IV Hydration in Provo

Prime IV Hydration has multiple locations across the state of Utah. Those in the Provo area can visit their brick and mortar location. They too offer a wide variety of IV therapy drips, including the signature Myers drip.


If you’re looking for a more specific drip, try out their drips for migraines, wrinkles, or muscle pain.


Be there before 6pm next time you’re out and about if you want to give them a try!

Prime IV

Want to try an IV treatment with Glutathione?

Joy Wellness Partners Utah

Joy Wellness Partners are among the places offering the best IV therapy in Provo, however that is not all they offer. They specialize in alternative medicine and work in hormone balancing, hormone therapy, pain and injury, and beauty services. 


Meet with their team of nurse practitioners and registered nurses for a range of services that go beyond IV therapy. Easy to locate, Joy Wellness Partners are in the heart of Provo.

Joy Wellness IV therapy in Provo

Live Well IV Nutrition

From 9-5, 5 days a week, you can stop by for IV therapy. The company was started by Ingrid Hall, RN and consists of a small RN and MD team.


They’ve recently started offering Semaglutide starting at $350/month. They have Ozempic and Wegovy options.


If you’re just south of Provo, you can also visit them at their Spanish Fork location.

Woman getting an IV from Live Well Nutrition

Centre You Ketamine

Centre You Ketamine focuses on holistic health and wellness with an emphasis in mental health. They use Ketamine IV therapy in addition to their other therapy services in a 3-month program. Their purpose is to treat the following: 

  • Depression
  • Treatment-resistant depression
  • Suicide ideation
  • Anxiety
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Emotional pain


They use IV therapy much differently than some of the others in Provo, which is why they’ve made it on the list of best IV therapy in Provo. If they’re service and approach better fits your needs, give them a try!

Staff at Centre You Ketamine

How Were These Chosen as The Best IV Therapy in Provo, UT?

In order to determine where to find the best IV therapy in Provo and the surrounding areas, certain factors were considered such as: 

  • Uniqueness of service
  • Convenience
  • Affordability
  • Proximity

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