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As IV therapy becomes more and more popular in Salt Lake City, it can be hard to know which options offer the best service for your needs. To save you some time and searching, we’ve put together our list of the top best IV therapy Salt Lake City locations. To put together this list, we looked at locations, services offered, and customer reviews.


Depending on your goals, one of these options may be a better fit than the others. If you have specific questions about some of our services and the IVs we offer, give us a call.

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Drp IV – Best IV Therapy Salt Lake City

Drp IV was one of the very first IV therapy companies in Utah. We started just before the pandemic and were able to service hundreds of patients while we refined our service in order to provide the best experience. Since then, we’ve expanded our IV menu to provide better tailored drips for a host of conditions. 


Drp IV has been set apart from the beginning as we offer completely mobile IV services. We believe in order to be the best IV therapy in Salt Lake City, our treatments should be convenient, comfortable, and healing. Because we are mobile, our patients don’t need to leave their homes and places of work, or deal with traffic and waiting rooms to get a drip. When you’re feeling sick, battling exhaustion, or dealing with scheduling limitations, using a mobile service is a lifesaver!


IV Therapy comes with a long list of benefits and can be used to treat a variety of ailments. Our IV menu at Drp IV has been built to include an IV package tailored for specific conditions. Our wellness IV, the Myers Drip is great for chronic illness, seasonal allergies, general wellness, and much more. However, if you’re an athlete looking for recovery, our fitness drip could be a better fit. Additionally we have drips to help with COVID symptoms, weight loss assistance, immunity boosting, mood enhancing, and much more.


When you book with Drp IV, you are guaranteed the following:

  • A quality IV experience
  • Highly educated and experienced nurses
  • Ultimate convenience as we bring the IV to you
  • Tailored treatment
  • Additional IM shot and additive options

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Other Best IV Therapy Salt Lake City

Life Health Center

Life Health Center offers IV services among a plethora of others. They specialize in chronic conditions, namely Lyme disease. Their IV therapy services are one aspect of a well-rounded treatment plan they can create for each patient.


Life Health Center is on the list of Best IV Therapy Salt Lake City for their niche speciality and variety of services. At Drp IV, we understand that IV therapy is often used to assist with symptoms for something that may not be curable or that may require additional treatments. Life Health Center has the capacity to provide additional assistance for Lyme disease patients and takes a novel approach to health and healing.

Life Health Logo for Best IV Therapy Salt Lake City list

Fika Infusion

Fika Infusion has two locations in the Salt Lake area. They specialize in IV therapy and offer a complimentary drink with their services. Their branding, FIKA, is based on a Swedish word that emphasizes enjoying the nice things in life. They strive to create a relaxing environment at their IV therapy locations.


Though FIKA infusions and wellness aren’t as widespread as other IV therapies in Salt Lake City, they offer a unique IV with Quercetin. Quercetin is an antioxidant found in fruits and vegetables. It is also considered a natural flavonoid that works to reduce free radicals and reduce inflammation. Glutathione is an antioxidant that would produce some of the same benefits.

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Cameron Wellness and Spa

Cameron Wellness and Spa offers a variety of wellness services, similar to Life Health Center; however, one of their defining services in addition to IV therapy is Ozone Therapy. Ozone Therapy is when a small amount of blood is extracted, infused with Ozone, or O3, then is added back into the bloodstream. It is an alternative medicine treatment that is used to treat chronic pain, autoimmune diseases, and other conditions.


This is a fairly new practice that has shown impressive results. Cameron Wellness + Spa will first carry out an exam and create a personalized Ozone therapy plan before beginning treatment. 

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Spruce Spa

Spruce Aesthetics and Infusion bar is made up of a team of medical providers, nurse injectors, and aestheticians that bring aesthetic and wellness services to Holladay, UT. They’re included in Drp IVs list of Best IV therapy Salt Lake City edition for their balance of looking good and feeling good.


While the majority of their services are cosmetically based, they do offer IV therapy and vitamin shots. Though they do take a more aesthetic approach to their IV services by offering drips to promote anti-aging and skin, hair, and nails approach, they have a few other wellness based options as well.

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How Were the Best IV Therapy Salt Lake City Chosen?

In order to determine where to find the best IV therapy in Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas, certain factors were considered such as: 

  • Uniqueness of service
  • Convenience
  • Affordability
  • Proximity

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