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Your health and wellness may be suffering more than you realize. Daily stress, illness, adrenal fatigue, environmental toxins, and various factors are always at play and could be taking more of a toll than you may think. When you’re not feeling your best, doing pretty much anything can be more of a challenge. Our solution to these challenges is a revitalizing IV treatment, packed with vitamins and hydration. Our Drips are designed to help you get back to the best version of you. Start feeling better with IV therapy in Centerville and surrounding areas today!


The benefits of IV therapy in Centerville are diverse and can be tailored to your specific needs, whether you’re combating symptoms of a vitamin deficiency, aiming to enhance performance, or simply striving to improve your health. We prioritize accessibility and convenience, and that’s why we bring IV therapy directly to you—whether you’re at work, at home, attending an event, or elsewhere. Let us bring the transformative benefits of IV therapy to your doorstep!

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Donald Hansen
Donald Hansen
Wonderful lady, great with a needle (obviously skilled health care). We had a nice conversation, while she informed me of everything she was doing. She even laughed at my 60-year-old wry sense of humor. Positive results noticeable within hours. Feeling like I'm on the upswing. Thank you!
Jason Strader
Jason Strader
Jessica Pace has come to our house for the meyers drip plus on many occasions. Mainly when we are sick with Covid. She is always great to work with and the service works. So amazing. We love drip IV Utah.
Angela Strader
Angela Strader
Jessica Pace is amazing, super friendly, and helpful!
Mck M
Mck M
After a rough week Drp IV was just what my husband needed for a quick recovery. Jennie was the nurse who came to our home. She was professional and kind! The process was smooth and easy! Our kids were curious about everything and Jennie was great with interacting with them too. If you need a pick me up or some TLC, they are your go to!
Laura Marquez
Laura Marquez
Great service! Bre was amazing
Seville` Golf
Seville` Golf
Brie was patient with our rowdy golf group. Very knowledgeable and fun!
Mark Ewing
Mark Ewing
Bre was awesome. Very fun and friendly. Made it a great experience for our group
Jeff HIll
Jeff HIll
Erin was outstanding. Prompt, professional, and really engaging. Prepping for my 29029 Everesting hike and looking hierarchical to the benefits of my Drip.
Amy Weatherspoon
Amy Weatherspoon
After hiking Timp my daughter woke up feeling so sick, sore and absolutely miserable. I had heard about Drip IV from a friend of mine I decided to give them a call. Our experience with Drip IV was fantastic. The whole process was quick and easy. Their dispatch team - we worked directly with Stephanie - was professional and courteous and we were able to get an appt within an hour of calling. When our Drip IV RN, Karen, arrived she did a great job of explaining everything she was going to do before she did it and made sure we didn't have any questions. She also did a fantastic job at making sure my daughter was comfortable through the whole process. Karen was prompt, professional, caring, kind and so very personable. Thank you Drip IV for having amazing staff that made our first (and definitely not last) session with you a wonderful experience.

What are the Signs of Vitamin Deficiency?

One huge benefit to IV therapy in Centerville is replenishing your vitamin levels. Vitamins are essential to overall wellness and can impact your health more than you think. Most of the time, a balanced diet is able to get you all the vitamins you need; however, due to other lifestyle factors or health conditions, vitamin deficiencies can happen. Here are a few signs of vitamin deficiencies:


  • Unhealthy or brittle hair and nails
  • Adrenal fatigue or low energy
  • Muscle and bone aches
  • Pale and unhealthy skin or lips
  • Hair loss
  • Digestive issues
  • Weakened immune system and frequent sickness
  • Brain fog

Symptoms for individual vitamin deficiencies will differ, though there are some that are the same. To get an accurate picture of what you’re deficient in, we recommend getting blood labs done.

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What to Expect During IV Therapy in Centerville?

If you’ve never tried IV therapy before, it can be difficult to know what to expect. We also recognize our service is more unique in that we are mobile. We offer mobile IV therapy in Centerville and Davis County because it provides so much convenience, especially to patients who are feeling under the weather and find it difficult to leave home. Skip the wait lines when you choose mobile! 


The process to set up the appointment is very simple, simply book online or call/text our main number. It’s alright if you’re not sure which treatment you should get, our highly educated nurses can certainly help you out.


The appointment itself is also simple and will leave you feeling refreshed. Here’s an easy step by step for what to expect when Drp IV comes to give you a Drip:

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We love that we can offer mobile IV therapy in Centerville. This way, you can stay in the comfort of your home and our nurse will go to you. They'll start by taking vitals and making sure you're in a comfortable spot.

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Our skilled nurses are expert at placing IVs. Your nurse will walk you through the process and one by one explain each of the vitamins and what they do as they are pushed into the IV.

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You'll notice an immediate difference as your body is already much more hydrated and getting some feel-good vitamins. Enjoy feeling better!

Smiling Nurse Sets Up IV Bag for iv therapy in centerville

IV Therapy in Centerville Benefits

Each of our IV therapy treatments are packed with vitamins so you don’t have to worry about experiencing vitamin deficiency symptoms like those listed above. Getting sufficient vitamins and hydration will assist in preventing those symptoms but will also provide additional feel-good benefits.

Increased natural energy: IV therapy can contribute to increased natural energy levels by providing essential nutrients directly to the body.

Body detoxification: Some proponents suggest that IV therapy may support the body’s natural detoxification processes by delivering essential nutrients and fluids.

Strengthened immune system, less sick days: Regular IV therapy is believed by some to bolster the immune system, potentially leading to fewer sick days and a stronger defense against illnesses.

Faster recovery from sicknesses or from CO (carbon monoxide) exposure: IV therapy may aid in a speedier recovery from illnesses or exposure to carbon monoxide by providing essential nutrients and promoting hydration.

Reduced inflammation: Certain IV therapies are thought to help reduce inflammation in the body, potentially offering relief for individuals dealing with inflammatory conditions.

Rapid hydration: IV therapy allows for swift and efficient hydration by delivering fluids directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system.

Hangover and migraine relief: IV therapy in Centerville is often touted for its ability to provide quick relief from hangover symptoms and migraines by replenishing fluids, electrolytes, and essential nutrients.

Our Drips

Vitamin IV Icon on the IV Infusion Drip Menu in a light gray circle


The Myers Plus Drip is one of the most popular drips in the IV therapy world. This combination became popularized by the late Dr John Myers and is used to promote cellular health, immune system function, and overall vitality.

IV therapy for hangover icon in a blue circle


After a long night out, this is the drip for you. The Hangover Drip is a life saver! Get instantly rehydrated and replenished with electrolytes, vitamins, and even some anti-nausea medication.

Migraine IV treatment icon in a light blue circle


When you have a migraine, you need relief fast. That's exactly what the migraine drip does. This drip includes Toradol, Zofran, and Benadryl to get you back on your feet in no time. That liter of saline also get's you rehydrated fast!

COVID IV therapy icon in a light blue circle

COVID & FLu Recovery Drip

This COVID & Flu Drip will help to take the edge off common COVID and Flu symptoms so you can recover faster and more comfortably. Give you body the nutrients it needs to feel better!

NAD IV therapy icon in light blue circle to explain nad iv therapy cost

NAD+ Drip

NAD+ is naturally found in the body but diminishes over time. As this happens, the body's naturally ages. NAD+ is often called the anti-aging molecule because of it's ability to help individuals avoid some of the ill effects of aging including chronic diseases, cognitive issues, and more.

IV therapy for pregnancy icon in a blue circle


If you are expecting a baby, the pregnancy drip is a must. This drip can help rehydrate you and make sure your body has the nutrients it needs. This drip is great for during pregnancy as well as postpartum and is safe while breastfeeding.

Group IV Therapy and Business Partnerships

Sometimes a solo drip is the perfect solution to a sickness and other times, a drip is the best way to bond with your squad while also enjoying a health boost! We love bringing IV therapy in Centerville to bachelorette parties, group hangouts, golf trips, and more. We love them so much, we offer exclusive group discounts as well! 10% off for groups 4-9 and 15% off for groups 10+


Having seen the profound impact IV therapy can make on an individual’s health and understanding how health impacts performance, we know that IV therapy is a valuable benefit for employees. If you’re a business owner and want to discuss partnership options to help your employees improve their health and performance, don’t hesitate to reach out!

IV Therapy in Centerville FAQs

The frequency of IV therapy sessions depends on individual health needs and the purpose of the treatment. It is typically safe to receive IV therapy as often as once a week, or even in some instances, every other day for short periods. Many people opt to get regular IV therapy through a membership, while others only when sick.

The duration of IV therapy varies slightly based on the specific treatment. Most treatments typically range from 30 minutes to an hour. If additional saline is requested, it can add another 30 minutes to the treatment. NAD IV therapy also takes a bit longer than typical treatments.

Improvement after IV fluid administration can vary among individuals and depends on the purpose of the treatment. Many people report feeling better within hours of the infusion, experiencing enhanced hydration, increased energy levels, and relief from symptoms.

Visit this article for more information on how long benefits of IV fluids last.

While IV hydration provides rapid nutrient and fluid delivery, it is not necessarily superior to drinking water for everyday hydration. Drinking water remains a fundamental and effective means of maintaining proper hydration, however IV therapy can hydrate an individual much faster and more efficiently.

IV therapy may support certain aspects of the body’s natural detoxification processes by providing essential nutrients, but it is not a standalone detox solution. The efficacy of IV therapy for detoxification is still under investigation, and its role in detoxifying the body is not universally agreed upon within the medical community.

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