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The third installment of the IM Shot Series (See installment 2) is all about the glutathione shot. You may have heard some hot takes or even some myths about glutathione; however, in this article, we’ll set the record straight. Glutathione shots are given for a variety of reasons but are by no means a cure-all. They certainly offer a wide range of benefits and could be the perfect compliment to your next drip. Read on to learn the truth about glutathione shots and what they can do for you!

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What is Glutathione?

Glutathione is a naturally occurring antioxidant in the body. It plays a crucial role in combating free radicals that can harm the body’s cells and protects the body from other toxins. Our bodies produce glutathione in limited amounts, and depending on the toxins you are exposed to, glutathione levels can get quite low. Low glutathione levels are associated with certain diseases, and the opposite is also true. Those with proper levels of glutathione are less likely to get those certain diseases. 


This nutrient serves as a detoxifying agent for chemicals, pollutants, and endogenous substances, such as free radicals and cellular waste. Glutathione comprises essential amino acids like glycine, cysteine, and glutamic acid. It is synthesized by the liver and is vital for various biological functions. With its ability to neutralize harmful bacteria and toxins, glutathione is often supplemented orally or intravenously to enhance its levels. However, another effective method is the glutathione shot. 


Given its role in detoxification and its impact on biological processes, glutathione is utilized in medical treatments and cosmetic applications for skin lightening. As the body uses up glutathione more than it produces, a glutathione shot is one of the few methods to replenish it in the body.

How does the Glutathione Shot Work?

As an antioxidant, glutathione neutralizes oxidative stress by acting as an “electron shuttle,” transferring electrons from free radicals to compounds in need. Excessive oxidative stress can negatively impact the brain, eyes, muscles, and skin. When more glutathione is introduced to the system, free radicals and oxidative stress can be taken care of. This then makes an individual less susceptible to certain conditions and diseases. This is also why when there are lots of toxins in the body, more glutathione is needed to take care of them.

Moreover, glutathione may influence skin pigmentation by inhibiting the enzyme tyrosinase during melanin formation. Some individuals take a glutathione shot routinely to lighten their complexion.

Side Effects of the Glutathione Shot

A glutathione shot is a relatively safe procedure and shouldn’t cause side effects if properly administered and in the correct dosage. However, every person is different and could have a different experience with adverse effects. If too much glutathione is given, patients can experience the following:


  • Site reactions such as redness, swelling, or pain
  • Allergic reactions
  • Nausea or stomach cramps
  • Headaches


Keep in mind, glutathione is safe for most people but if you experience any of these side effects, consult with your primary care physician.

IM Shot or IV Infusion? Which is the Better Method?

A glutathione shot isn’t the only way to get a dose of the antioxidant; however, these methods may not be equal in the benefits they provide. Explore the reasons below why someone would choose each method.

Glutathione Shot


Quick Solution

A glutathione shot is a quick procedure that involves an injection of a dose of glutathione into muscle tissue known as an IM shot. It takes under 5 minutes for the nurse to prepare the shot and administer it. If you’re strapped for time or simply are looking for something quick, this could be a great option.


Isolated Benefits

If glutathione is the only nutrient you’re after, an injection allows you to receive an isolated nutrient. The alternative, an IV, usually comes with a series of nutrients and vitamins. Based on one’s health goals, a shot could make more sense.


Budget Friendly

Due to the isolation of the nutrient and the quick procedure, glutathione shots are typically more affordable in the realm of glutathione supplements. Other oral supplements may be more affordable, however, they are less effective as the body is not able to absorb oral nutrients as well as it can those administered to the bloodstream.


Glutathione Infusion


Added Saline

If you’re looking for some hydration benefits in addition to your dose of glutathione, IV therapy is a great option! Not only will your body feel the benefits of glutathione, you’ll be hydrated and have your electrolytes replenished with this method. Many individuals feel an IV treatment is incredibly refreshing.


Additional Nutrients

When you get an IV, there is likely going to be more than one nutrient in your IV package. Not only will you get glutathione, you can get other nutrients such as B12, B Complex, and others. If overall wellness is your goal or if you would benefit from additional supplements, this is a great option!



Although IV therapy can offer much more than a singular glutathione shot, it does cost a good deal more. The procedure itself takes more time, equipment, and supplies. In the end, choose whichever treatment better aligns with your goals and budget.

Commonly Asked Questions about the Glutathione Shot

What do glutathione injections do?

A glutathione shot is often administered to boost the body’s levels of glutathione, a powerful antioxidant. Glutathione plays a key role in neutralizing free radicals, supporting the immune system, and aiding in detoxification, contributing to overall cellular health.

The frequency of a glutathione shot varies based on individual needs and health conditions. Some may receive injections weekly, while others may opt for a less frequent schedule. The appropriate frequency is typically determined by a healthcare professional based on the specific health goals of the individual.

While taking glutathione or getting a glutathione shot, it is advisable to avoid certain substances that could potentially interfere with its effectiveness. These may include excessive alcohol consumption, certain medications, and exposure to environmental toxins. Consulting with a healthcare provider can provide personalized guidance on lifestyle adjustments during glutathione supplementation.

When you stop taking glutathione, the elevated levels of this antioxidant in your system gradually return to baseline. While there is no immediate adverse effect from discontinuing glutathione supplementation, individuals may experience a reduction in the antioxidant support it provides, potentially affecting cellular protection and detoxification processes. It’s essential to discuss any changes in supplementation with a healthcare professional to ensure a tailored approach to overall health.

Glutathione shot vial to demonstrate what to avoid when taking glutathione
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