How to Get Rid of Hangxiety: Drp IV’s Hangover Anxiety Cure

Hangxiety may be a new term; however it’s not a new feeling! In this post we’ll go over what hangxiety is, what it feels like and how to get rid of hangxiety so the next time you’re planning a night out, you can be prepared for the next morning.

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What is Hangxiety

Most everyone is familiar with some of the classic hangover symptoms and side effects: a pounding headache, extreme thirst and dehydration, and sickening nausea. However, there is another side effect that is all too common: anxiety. The occurrence of anxiety when hungover has become known as “hangxiety”.


This phenomenon is the resulting “low” to the night before’s “high”. When large amounts of alcohol are consumed, the brain needs to work harder to stay present and aware. When the body is withdrawing from alcohol, i.e experiencing a hangover, the brain remains in a hyper aware and awake state and creates feelings of anxiety. Coming down from endorphins released by drinking can also contribute to the presence of anxiety in a hangover.


It’s also important to separate hangxiety from clinical or diagnosable anxiety which is completely different, has different causes, as well as different remedies. If this is the type of anxiety that you experience, please note that the solutions and cures in this article are not claims to assist with that type of anxiety.

How to Get Rid of Hangxiety: You Don’t Need to Give Up Alcohol Completely

The equation is simple: if you don’t want to experience hangover symptoms, don’t consume alcohol. While this is true and would solve your hangover anxiety issues, it may not be the most desirable solution for some. Fortunately, there are other ways to get rid of hangxiety that don’t include abstinence.


  1. Change how you consume alcohol: The severity of a hangover can sometimes be determined by what was consumed prior. Mixing drinks, consuming hard liquors, and having a lot of alcohol can make your hangxiety the next day much worse. So, how to get rid of hangxiety? Don’t mix it up, literally. And be aware and intentional about how much alcohol you have.
  2. Treat the hangxiety: Say you’re already hungover and miserable. There are steps you can take to still get rid of hangxiety. Taking medication such as an aspirin, getting fluids, and exercising are all great options. Not only will these cure your hangover anxiety, they’ll also help your other symptoms.

Getting Hydrated to Get Rid of Hangxiety

It is a well known fact that if you are hungover, you should be sure to hydrate. Doing so will help the hangover and help you get rid of hangxiety. However, getting hydrated can be difficult – it can also be hard to know how much fluid your body needs. Here are a couple ways you can get hydrated:

  • IV Hydration: This is the most effective way to get fluids, get rid of hangxiety, and cure your hangover. IV hydration delivers fluids directly to the blood stream allowing for maximized absorption. Additionally, you can opt to have anti-nausea medication, migraine medication, additional nutrients, and more added to your bag. Not to mention, the electrolytes in the fluid are sure to help you start feeling better right away. When looking for an IV hydration service, try to find a mobile one, that way you can avoid making a trip while you don’t feel well.
  • Liquid IV Hydration: If you’re not able to get a service to help, a liquid IV hydration packet can be your next best bet. Drinking plain water is also helpful but with Liquid IV, you get a lot more electrolytes to help speed up your hydration.

Common Asks about How to Get Rid of Hangxiety

How long does Hangxiety last?

Hangxiety, or the anxiety experienced after drinking, can vary from person to person. Generally, it may last anywhere from a few hours to the next day as the body processes alcohol and its effects wear off. You can speed up your recovery to get rid of hangxiety with IV hydration or other fluids.

Alcohol is a depressant that affects the central nervous system. While it may initially produce feelings of relaxation, as it wears off, it can lead to an increase in anxiety. This is often due to changes in neurotransmitter levels, dehydration, and disruptions in sleep patterns caused by alcohol consumption.

Hangxiety is characterized by heightened feelings of anxiety, restlessness, and unease after consuming alcohol. Individuals may experience racing thoughts, increased heart rate, and a general sense of discomfort or apprehension. Try out a hangover drip to get rid of hangxiety.

Yes, frequent alcohol consumption, especially in large amounts or over an extended period, can contribute to the development or exacerbation of anxiety. Alcohol affects brain chemistry, and regular intake can disrupt the balance of neurotransmitters, potentially leading to increased anxiety and other mental health issues.

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