What is the Best IV for Sickness?

IVs are becoming increasingly more popular. They are used widely for treating illness and improving health and wellness. If you’re sick or wondering if an IV for sickness is what you need, read on. In this article we’ll explore when an IV is in order, what the best IV for sickness is, and when you should start thinking about getting one.


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When Should You Get an IV for Sickness?

It can be difficult to decide when to get an IV. Even though an IV can be given frequently, there are other factors to consider such as cost and convenience. If you can find a mobile IV service like Drp IV, the convenience factor is solved since they come right to you! However, cost may still be a determining factor for someone considering an IV. However, sickness can get in the way of day to day activities and creates inconveniences that get old fast. So when is an IV for sickness going to be the most beneficial? Here are a few instances:

-Lingering Cold and Flu symptoms: If you’ve been battling that stuffy nose too long or you’re tired of having a temperature, consider getting an IV. The instant hydration and host of vitamins will supercharge your body to overcome the sickness. An IV for sickness can even be a gamechanger from the beginning. If you feel something coming on and need to get rid of it quickly, an IV will help strengthen your body to reduce recovery time.

-Altitude Sickness and Jet Lag: Extreme conditions or foreign environments can throw your body for a loop. Altitude sickness and jet lag are just two conditions that individuals don’t experience very often and are easily fixed with an IV. If you’re planning a trip or taking a steep hike anytime soon, be sure to have IV therapy for altitude sickness and jet lag on speed dial.

-Dehydration: If you’re battling a sickness that is leaving you depleted of fluids and suffering from dehydration, an IV is a must. IV hydration bypasses the digestive system and goes right to the bloodstream offering instant hydration. This is one instance where an IV for sickness is the perfect solution.

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Why Does an IV Help With Sickness?

As previously mentioned, an IV bypasses the digestive system and goes directly to the bloodstream. This allows your body to absorb the fluid and nutrients at a much higher rate. If your sickness also involves the inability to keep foods down, an IV can replenish fluid as well as nutrients that would be missing from your diet. 

Additionally, vitamins strengthen the body so it can combat sickness and speed up recovery time. It can supply energy, boost the immune system, and help you sleep better. All of these factors can help speed up your recovery.

What IV to Get When Sick?

Depending on the IV provider, it’s likely that they have various IV options to choose from. Consulting with your healthcare provider or the nurse administering the IV will ensure that you’re getting the best IV for your individual needs. It’s also good to know what the ingredients in the IV are supposed to help with, especially if you’re sick and are considering which IV to get.

A popular IV for sickness is the “Myers Cocktail”. This is an IV you can find at most IV therapy companies. Here at Drp IV, we include the standard Vitamin C, B-Complex, B-12, Magnesium, Zinc, and we include the mother of all antioxidants, Glutathione. 

This is a great IV for sickness because it boosts the immune system, provides energy, relaxes muscles and promotes deeper sleep. If you’re feeling under the weather or just wanting to take your wellness to the next level, try out the Myers Cocktail here.

Immunity Boost from IV

If you’ve explored the Drp IV menu, you’ve likely seen that most of our IVs are IVs for sickness and that they include Vitamin C and/or Zinc. These are two of our strongest immune boosting additives. Not only do they act as powerful antioxidants, they can help with the absorption of other important nutrients.

Vitamin C also enhances white blood cell function. White blood cells are a huge part of the immune system and are responsible for detecting invasive pathogens. White blood cells are also essential for decreasing inflammation and improving wound healing.

Sure Vitamin C can be taken orally, but you miss out on a lot of that Vitamin C that doesn’t get absorbed the way it does when administered through an IV.

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When considering an IV treatment, consult with a healthcare provider to understand any risks that could be involved and potential results. IVs are used for treating a variety of sickness and have been shown to be effective in aiding in important bodily functions.

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