Ozone Therapy At Home: What is it and How Does it Work?

The conversation around ozone therapy at home and ozone therapy in general is rapidly spreading. There are some voices who express concern about the treatment and proven benefits, while others continue to explore how this revolutionary new treatment is helping many who suffer with autoimmune conditions. 


In this article we will answer the questions of what is ozone therapy at home, how it works, and if this is a treatment worth trying. If you are or  know someone who could use an immunity boost and is always looking to improve their health, this article is for you.


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Equipment for ozone iv therapy at home that includes a finger heart monitor, thermometer, and hazardous waste bin

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What is Ozone IV Therapy?

Ozone IV therapy, of ozone therapy, is the process of introducing O3 molecules to the body in order to treat for certain conditions. O3, when used in this way, is a gas called ozone. Although it was discovered in the 19th century and was used medicinally at some level, it hasn’t been until recently that more and more studies are being done to determine if ozone therapy is a viable treatment.


The unstable nature of an ozone molecule is one of the biggest points of concern for those looking into it; however, it is the unstable nature of ozone that generates some of the desirable results it is used for. The molecule reacts very well with water, and even itself, which makes it difficult to use as well as to get in high concentrations.

How is Ozone Therapy Administered?

Ozone therapy is commonly administered through IV, much like oxygen IV therapy. In some instances, a certain amount of blood is drawn from the patient receiving ozone therapy at home or otherwise, and is mixed with ozone before being administered back to the patient. Other instances have occurred where ozone is administered after being mixed with saline. Insufflation is another common method of ozone administration.


Auto Hemotransfusion, the method of mixing ozone with a patient’s blood is one of the most popular methods of ozone therapy. This process requires precise calculations and specific equipment. These are two factors that prevented the treatment from being as widespread. However, certain technology is available to make Ozone therapy at home possible.

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How Does Ozone Therapy Work?

As previously mentioned, ozone gas is very reactive. Not only with water an itself, when introduced to the body, O3 reacts with antioxidants and with polyunsaturated fatty acids. When this happens, other compounds form that facilitate a host of immune responses. The end result is an immune system activation that is able to work to protect and heal the body.


When this has been tested in animals, and even recorded in humans, anti-inflammatory effects have been documented. This is a finding that could lead to further research on the effects of ozone therapy for those who struggle with arthritis and other inflammation related conditions.


In some tests, it has even been documented that ozone therapy works to slow the growth of cancer cells. With all these amazing findings, it’s no wonder that individuals desire to do further research in order to find the most effective and safe way to use this molecule in ozone therapy at home.

When is Ozone Therapy at Home Useful?

Man being prepped to receive ozone therapy at home by getting his blood pressure taken by Drp IV nurse

Ozone therapy at home or at a medical provider’s location can be useful for a variety of conditions. It has proven to be beneficial for the following:

  • Immune system boosts or modulations
  • Cardiovascular conditions
  • Peripheral vascular disease
  • Neurological pathologies
  • Head, neck, and orthopedic conditions


Not only is ozone therapy relevant to this short list, others use it today such as dentists who are already using it to treat jaw diseases. Although the use of this gas is not quite so straightforward yet, it has an immense amount of potential.


Especially as this becomes more popular and available in homes, ozone IV therapy and ozone therapy will become the next big thing in the health and wellness world.

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