8 Peptides for Muscle Growth: Complete Guide 2023

In recent years peptides have been growing in popularity. Many individuals swear by their ability to improve health, wellness, skin, muscle growth, etc. Whether you’re a regular peptide supplement taker, or just getting your feet wet in the world of peptides, this article will expand your understanding of peptides for muscle growth amongst other benefits. Let’s jump into this complete guide to peptides for muscle growth (2023 edition)! Here are a few of the topics we’ll be covering:

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What is a Peptide for Muscle Growth?

Before we can define what a peptide for muscle growth is, let’s answer the question of what defines a peptide. Much like a protein, a peptide is formed by a string of amino acids. They are shorter strings than proteins are, consisting of anywhere from 2-50 amino acids. 

Peptides are created by the body, and come in many different forms with different purposes. Some peptides can also be found in the food we eat. Within the last few years peptides have also been sold as supplements that people can take in the form of pills, protein powder, or other health/wellness related products.

So what is a peptide for muscle growth?

A peptide for muscle growth is one of these short chains of amino acids that is either created naturally in the body or sourced from synthetic sources and promotes muscle growth. Many peptides for muscle growth are taken in order to promote the body’s pituitary gland production of human growth hormone. Increasing the production of this hormone hasn’t been proven to have significant results for those who are not deficient in it; however, for those who do have a deficiency of human growth hormone, increasing the production of it can lead to muscle growth among other benefits.

Peptides can also be building blocks for proteins, which does directly impact one’s ability to grow muscle, when combined with other factors of a healthy lifestyle such as exercise. Not only can peptides be a source of interest for athletes, other athletic supplementation could also be a resource for athletes keeping up with their fitness. Sports IVs don’t have peptides but they have vitamins and nutrients that can promote muscle recovery.

Peptides that are often associated with muscle growth are called “growth hormone releasing peptides”. These fall under a group of called growth hormone secretagogues. This is in reference to a drug that can stimulate the production of human growth hormone.

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Do peptides really work for muscle growth?

You might be wondering if peptides that stimulate human growth hormone really work for muscle growth. The results of taking peptides for muscle growth will not be the same for everyone. For example, those who experience a pre-existing deficiency in HGH may see different results than someone who doesn’t. However, studies have shown that resistance training in addition to taking certain peptides, such as a collagen peptide have lead to an increase in muscle growth. If you’re training, consider using a fitness drip to also boost recovery.

It is important to consult a healthcare provider who will be able to provide information for your specific situation. It is also important to find the right sources. There are many companies that will claim that their peptides work for muscle growth, but without proper nutrition and lifestyle, the results may not be what they claim. In the next section, we will dive into some specific peptides that people use for muscle growth and where the real benefits come from.

What are the Best Peptides for Muscle Growth?

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CJC 1295 w/ DAC – The Biggest Bang for Your Buck

This peptide is very popular in the fitness world and is often marketed as one of the best peptides for muscle growth. The National Library of Medicine concluded in a study that this peptide was safe and effective after multiple doses.

Tesamorelin – Best Peptide for Muscle Growth

This is another tested peptide with results supporting its title as the best peptide for muscle growth. The NIH found that it was successful in increasing muscle density where administered.

AOD 9604 – Tested for Metabolic Actions

The NIH tested this peptide on rats and concluded that it could have the potential to be a therapeutic agent for obesity.

Ipamorelin – Best Peptide for Overall Health and Weight Management

Similarly to CJC 1295 w/DAC, this peptide supports the production of Human Growth Hormone and was concluded to be an effective and safe peptide.

Sermorelin – Best Peptide for Fast Fat Metabolism

This has historically been prescribed to children who don’t produce enough HGH. Similar to the other peptides, this stimulates the production of HGH in the pituitary gland. It is best used for insufficiencies.

Semaglutide – Best Peptide for Weight Loss

Whether semaglutide is the most safe and effective peptide for weight loss is still in question, it has been found by the NIH that using this peptide (in addition to lifestyle changes to support weightloss) did result in a greater rate of weight loss. This could be a great option to add to whatever peptides for muscle growth that is also used.

BPC 157 – Best Peptide for Healing Health Benefits

Similarly to other peptides, this one promotes the production of HGH. However, this peptide does so in a way to support healing. According to a study done by the NIH, this peptide was found to support tendon healing when administered.

TB 500 – Best Peptide for Inflammation

This peptide was also found to accelerate the rate of healing for those it was administered to.


When considering using peptides for muscle growth, be sure to be aware of what you are taking. Consult with a healthcare provider to understand any risks that could be involved and potential results of using the peptide. Though they are extremely popular, the research done on them is not entirely conclusive though there is evidence to support the effectiveness of some of the peptides listed above.

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