IV Therapy in West Jordan, UT

Drp IV has proudly serviced West Jordan and Salt Lake County for the past 4 years. We have seen migraines, hangovers, morning sickness, fatigue and more be significantly improved by an IV packed with electrolytes and vitamins. From the beginning, the founders of Drp IV knew that IV therapy could be so impactful for so many people. Landon, co-owner of Drp IV recalls when business partner Jameson and himself were paramedic partners taking individuals to the hospital. “Between the time of picking them up and getting them to the hospital, [the IV] had such significant impacts on their wellbeing that yeah they wanted us to turn around and take them home”.


We’re here to make this service convenient, and accessible. No more paying emergency room premiums – enjoy hydration, wellness, and revitalization all from the comfort of your own home.

Hours: Sun-Sat 8:00am-8:00pm

How it Works

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Mobile Convenience

Your nurse will promptly arrive at the time of your appointment and have you pick out a place where you'll be comfortable during the treatment. They'll set up the equipment and begin to tell you about the IV.

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getting the iv

The IV placement is quick and seamless as our nurses are highly experienced and trained. Once the IV is placed and the fluid is entering the vein, the nurse will prepare the vitamins and nutrients to be administered.

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simple wellness

Bioavailability is significantly higher when vitamins are administered directed to the vein. Because of this, you'll likely begin to feel better almost immediately.

Experience Health and Wellness at its Most Convenient

If you’ve been putting your health on pause, we are here to make feeling your best that much easier. Hydration and proper nutrition are important; however, they aren’t always easy to keep up with, especially with a busy schedule. At Drp IV, we strive to provide IV therapy in West Jordan as conveniently as possible by bringing the IV to you at your place of convenience. Whether it’s at your home, the office, or while you’re out and about, we’ll be there!


IV therapy is also a great solution for those visiting West Jordan who may not be familiar with the area or the altitude. If you’re a visitor in our neck of the woods, welcome! We’ll help you feel comfortable, replenished, and hydrated.

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Our Drips

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This is a great immunity building and energizing drip that is the solution for ailments, wellness, and fitness goals. Visit this page! for more information about the Myers Plus Drip.

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Get back on track with the Hangover Drip. This is your solution to nausea, headaches, and the effects of dehydration. Feel the benefits of electrolytes, Zofran, and replenishing vitamins.

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Feel better fast with the migraine drip. Feel good with Benadryl, Zofran for potential nausea, and Toradol for pain.

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COVID & FLu Recovery Drip

The COVID and Flu recovery drip can help to strengthen your body with essential nutrients and fluids that will help you recover from sickness.

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NAD+ Drip

The anti-aging molecule, NAD+ is known for it's ability to strengthen individuals, increase energy, and improve cognitive function, thus coining the term "anti-aging molecule". Feel years younger with this drip.

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No matter what point of the pregnancy or breastfeeding journey you're at, the pregnancy drip is a go-to. Get nutrients, nausea relief, and hydration with this package perfect for new moms!

Benefits and Components of IV Therapy in West Jordan

The benefits that come from IV therapy in West Jordan are certainly behind the growing popularity of the treatment. There are numerous reasons people decide to try IV therapy, but here are a few of the biggest that we see:


Rapid Hydration:

IV therapy in West Jordan allows for quick and efficient hydration, delivering fluids directly into the bloodstream to address dehydration more rapidly than oral intake.


Nutrient Absorption:

Essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients can be administered directly into the bloodstream through IV therapy, ensuring better absorption compared to oral supplements.


Quick Energy Boost:

IV infusions can provide a rapid energy boost by delivering nutrients such as B vitamins and electrolytes directly to cells, enhancing overall energy levels.


Effective Medication Delivery:

IV therapy enables precise and controlled administration of medications, ensuring a faster and more direct impact on the body compared to oral or other delivery methods.


Improved Immune Support:

IV therapy can include immune-boosting ingredients such as vitamin C and antioxidants, potentially enhancing the immune system’s ability to fight off infections and illnesses.


Hangover Relief:

IV therapy is often used for hangover relief, providing a quick recovery from dehydration and replenishing essential nutrients that may be lost after excessive alcohol consumption.


Customizable for Individual Needs:

IV therapy can be tailored to address specific health concerns or goals, allowing for a personalized approach to hydration, nutrient supplementation, and overall well-being.

Get the Group Together

At Drp IV, our mission is to share convenient wellness with everyone and leave each person better than we found them. We love doing group drips and getting to share this with a few people all at once. Drips can be a great way to prepare for or recover from a bachelorette celebration, a night out with friends, or a sporting event.


We also offer ongoing group discounts for any of these occasions. Groups 4-9 individuals get 10% off their drips and groups 10+ get 15% off! Give us a call or shoot us a text to take your group plans to the next level!

Donald Hansen
Donald Hansen
Wonderful lady, great with a needle (obviously skilled health care). We had a nice conversation, while she informed me of everything she was doing. She even laughed at my 60-year-old wry sense of humor. Positive results noticeable within hours. Feeling like I'm on the upswing. Thank you!
Jason Strader
Jason Strader
Jessica Pace has come to our house for the meyers drip plus on many occasions. Mainly when we are sick with Covid. She is always great to work with and the service works. So amazing. We love drip IV Utah.
Angela Strader
Angela Strader
Jessica Pace is amazing, super friendly, and helpful!
Mck M
Mck M
After a rough week Drp IV was just what my husband needed for a quick recovery. Jennie was the nurse who came to our home. She was professional and kind! The process was smooth and easy! Our kids were curious about everything and Jennie was great with interacting with them too. If you need a pick me up or some TLC, they are your go to!
Laura Marquez
Laura Marquez
Great service! Bre was amazing
Seville` Golf
Seville` Golf
Brie was patient with our rowdy golf group. Very knowledgeable and fun!
Mark Ewing
Mark Ewing
Bre was awesome. Very fun and friendly. Made it a great experience for our group
Jeff HIll
Jeff HIll
Erin was outstanding. Prompt, professional, and really engaging. Prepping for my 29029 Everesting hike and looking hierarchical to the benefits of my Drip.
Amy Weatherspoon
Amy Weatherspoon
After hiking Timp my daughter woke up feeling so sick, sore and absolutely miserable. I had heard about Drip IV from a friend of mine I decided to give them a call. Our experience with Drip IV was fantastic. The whole process was quick and easy. Their dispatch team - we worked directly with Stephanie - was professional and courteous and we were able to get an appt within an hour of calling. When our Drip IV RN, Karen, arrived she did a great job of explaining everything she was going to do before she did it and made sure we didn't have any questions. She also did a fantastic job at making sure my daughter was comfortable through the whole process. Karen was prompt, professional, caring, kind and so very personable. Thank you Drip IV for having amazing staff that made our first (and definitely not last) session with you a wonderful experience.

Frequently Asked Questions About IV Therapy in West Jordan

IV infusions can be more on the expensive side due to factors such as the specialized medical equipment, sterile environment requirements, skilled healthcare professionals administering the treatment, and the cost of the fluids and medications used in the infusion.

This will be different for every individual. Factors such as metabolism, lifestyle, and deficiencies can all impact how long the benefits of IV therapy in West Jordan last.

IV drips can provide quick and targeted hydration, nutrient delivery, or medication administration, making them beneficial in certain situations. However, for routine hydration, drinking water is generally sufficient and more cost-effective, as the body is well-equipped to absorb and utilize water through the digestive system.

This will also be very different for each person. It will largely depend on their health, fitness, and wellness goals with considerations for budget, schedule, and metabolism.

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