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Daily stress, sickness, adrenal fatigue, toxins, and more can significantly impact your life in more ways than you might realize. When you don’t feel well it’s difficult to be the best version of yourself. Our solution to these strains of life is a hydrating, vitamin-packed IV treatment designed to help you feel like the best version of you. Experience the benefits of IV therapy in Lindon and the surrounding area to get back to feeling your best!


There is no shortage of ways that IV therapy can help you. Whether you’re experiencing adverse symptoms of a deficiency, looking to improve performance, or just trying to get back on track with your health, IV therapy could be a game-changer for you. We strive to make IV therapy in Lindon as accessible and convenient as possible, which is why we come to you! Work, home, an event, etc. We bring the IV to you!

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What is IV Therapy in Lindon, UT?

You may have seen businesses popping up around the Lindon area that are offering IV therapy. IV therapy, or IV infusions, describes a treatment where a registered nurse places an IV to deliver 1-2 liters of saline and a variety of vitamins and nutrients right to the bloodstream.


This method of getting vitamins, nutrients, or NAD is incredibly efficient because it bypasses the digestive system. This is incredibly beneficial for individuals who struggle with absorption or who just simply don’t get proper hydration and nutrients. In years past, it was incredibly difficult to get an IV anywhere but the hospital; however, now we are proud to bring the IV right to your home at a fraction of the cost you pay at a hospital.


IV Therapy in Lindon, UT is becoming more and more popular, and for good reason. Give it a try and see what difference this treatment can make for you!

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Why Try At Home IV Therapy?

Everyday life comes with all sorts of stressors for the body that can impact how you feel. From poor weather and a busy schedule to poor nutrition and toxins, there is a lot that our bodies need to deal with. When you give at-home IV therapy a chance, you will notice a difference in how you feel, your quality of sleep, and the rate at which you’re able to recover.


Why wait to try at home IV therapy in Lindon, UT? Experience numerous benefits from a rejuvenating drip and get a customized package to address your specific needs.

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At the time of your appointment, the nurse will arrive and ensure that all your forms have been completed. Next, you'll find a comfortable spot and the nurse will begin to set up their equipment.

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Our nurses are highly trained and skilled in placing the IV. It is a quick process, and once placed, you'll begin to start feeling better. Each of the nutrients will be prepped by the nurse who will either place them in the IV bag or push them through the tubing.

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Throughout the drip, the nurse will explain what each of the nutrients should help with. At the end of the drip, they'll clean up their equipment and be on their way!

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Benefits of IV Therapy in Lindon

Each of the nutrients we offer in our IV therapy packages comes with a host of different benefits. For example, for those struggling with a migraine, we recommend getting the migraine drip that contains Toradol, nausea medicine, and benadryl. Other packages are designed to help with things like pregnancy, fatigue, fitness, and more.

We strive to provide you, the patient, with a customized experience. If there are certain benefits that you’re looking for, or if you have known deficiencies, let your nurse know so they can give you the treatment that will  meet your needs. Here are a few examples of the benefits that IV therapy in Lindon can offer:

Energy Boost:

Our mobile IV therapy packages include energy-boosting vitamins such as B-complex vitamins and vitamin C, which can help improve energy levels and combat fatigue.

Hangover Relief:

Our mobile IV therapy services include treatments that are specifically designed to alleviate symptoms of hangovers by replenishing fluids and nutrients depleted during alcohol consumption.

Immune Support:

Our immunity drip includes immune-boosting vitamins and antioxidants, potentially enhancing the body’s natural defense mechanisms.

Improved Athletic Performance and Recovery:

Athletes may benefit from mobile IV therapy to enhance hydration, replenish electrolytes, and provide nutrients that support muscle recovery and overall performance. Co-owner Landon shared how impactful a drip can be at any point in your fitness journey saying, “Everything from pre workout or pre competition to recovery afterwards, IV therapy covers both those boats”.

Donald Hansen
Donald Hansen
Wonderful lady, great with a needle (obviously skilled health care). We had a nice conversation, while she informed me of everything she was doing. She even laughed at my 60-year-old wry sense of humor. Positive results noticeable within hours. Feeling like I'm on the upswing. Thank you!
Jason Strader
Jason Strader
Jessica Pace has come to our house for the meyers drip plus on many occasions. Mainly when we are sick with Covid. She is always great to work with and the service works. So amazing. We love drip IV Utah.
Angela Strader
Angela Strader
Jessica Pace is amazing, super friendly, and helpful!
Mck M
Mck M
After a rough week Drp IV was just what my husband needed for a quick recovery. Jennie was the nurse who came to our home. She was professional and kind! The process was smooth and easy! Our kids were curious about everything and Jennie was great with interacting with them too. If you need a pick me up or some TLC, they are your go to!
Laura Marquez
Laura Marquez
Great service! Bre was amazing
Seville` Golf
Seville` Golf
Brie was patient with our rowdy golf group. Very knowledgeable and fun!
Mark Ewing
Mark Ewing
Bre was awesome. Very fun and friendly. Made it a great experience for our group
Jeff HIll
Jeff HIll
Erin was outstanding. Prompt, professional, and really engaging. Prepping for my 29029 Everesting hike and looking hierarchical to the benefits of my Drip.
Amy Weatherspoon
Amy Weatherspoon
After hiking Timp my daughter woke up feeling so sick, sore and absolutely miserable. I had heard about Drip IV from a friend of mine I decided to give them a call. Our experience with Drip IV was fantastic. The whole process was quick and easy. Their dispatch team - we worked directly with Stephanie - was professional and courteous and we were able to get an appt within an hour of calling. When our Drip IV RN, Karen, arrived she did a great job of explaining everything she was going to do before she did it and made sure we didn't have any questions. She also did a fantastic job at making sure my daughter was comfortable through the whole process. Karen was prompt, professional, caring, kind and so very personable. Thank you Drip IV for having amazing staff that made our first (and definitely not last) session with you a wonderful experience.

Our Drips

Vitamin IV Icon on the IV Infusion Drip Menu in a light gray circle


The Myers Plus Drip is a well known drip in the IV therapy world. It includes a variety of vitamins designed to boost the immune system, provide energy, and promote cellular health.

IV therapy for hangover icon in a blue circle


Ever wake up realizing the hangover isn't as fun as the night before? The Hangover Drip is a life saver! It replenishes the body's electrolytes and gives much needed hydration and vitamins. It also reduces nausea!

Migraine IV treatment icon in a light blue circle


Get fast relief from the migraine drip. This drip includes Toradol, Zofran, and Benadryl for a powerful pain ending solution. Rehydrate and get back on track with the migraine drip.

COVID IV therapy icon in a light blue circle

COVID & FLu Recovery Drip

This drip will help to strengthen your body's immune system and provide relief from symptoms of the cold, flu, and COVID-19. Get relief from weakness, nausea, and dehydration.

NAD IV therapy icon in light blue circle to explain nad iv therapy cost

NAD+ Drip

NAD+ is a powerful molecule that is naturally found in the body. It is often referred to as the anti-aging molecule because of its vital role in promoting health and prolonging lifespan. Because this molecule decreases with age, an NAD+ drip can be a game changing experience!

IV therapy for pregnancy icon in a blue circle


If you are a mom to be, the pregnancy drip is a must for you and your developing baby. Prenatal care is a serious matter and getting the necessary nutrients has never been more important. Get a vitamin boost with this drip!

Group and Business IV Therapy in Lindon, UT

We have a goal to elevate health and wellness for everyone we come across. We love to treat large groups and to bring IV therapy to offices in the Lindon area. For groups of 4-9, enjoy a 10% off discount. Groups 10+ can get up to 15% off!


Being mobile sure has its perks! Whether you’re getting drips at the office for the team, or just looking to incorporate them at an office party, we come to you and will get you and your coworkers taken care of.

IV Therapy FAQs

Each of our packages includes a liter of normal saline. The ingredients that get added to the drip are responsible for aiding in weakness and fatigue. If you’re experiencing either of these, consider trying the Immunity Drip, Energy Drip, or a dose of NAD+.

IV hydration is more effective for rapid replenishment compared to drinking water. It allows quick absorption into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system. While water is essential, IV therapy in Lindon is preferred for situations requiring swift rehydration or addressing specific health conditions.

The Myers Cocktail is famously named after the late Dr John Meyers who first started using IV therapy as treatment for chronic conditions. It contains B12, B-Complex, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Zinc, and Glutathione.

The duration of IV therapy effects varies based on factors like the solution type and individual metabolism. Generally, hydration effects may last several hours. Water-soluble vitamins and nutrients, such as vitamin C and B vitamins, are gradually excreted, sustaining benefits for as little as a day or upwards of a week.

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