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Over the past few years pandemics, scientific breakthroughs, additional research, and lifestyle changes have led to more and more individuals prioritizing their health. As an IV therapy company providing mobile IV therapy in North Ogden and the surrounding areas, we are proud to be a part of this wellness movement.


Many people recognize the impact of IV therapy for hangovers, migraines, and sicknesses, but the day to day benefits of an IV are often overlooked. Most Americans are chronically dehydrated and the majority don’t even know it. On top of that, without taking a blood test, it’s hard to know what vitamins you’re deficient in. Because of this, so many people aren’t operating at 100% like they could be. We’re here to change that. Co-owner Landon summed this up in a recent interview when he said, “for those people that when we talk about acute and chronic illnesses, they’re walking around at 60% of who they are or 50% of who they are”.


Mobile IV therapy in North Ogden is a great resource for recovery, but it’s also an untapped resource for revolutionary wellness. If you’re ready to start feeling like the best version of yourself, we’ve got you covered.

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What is Drip Hydration?

Another name for IV therapy is Drip hydration. This term provides a little more insight as to what the treatment is all about – rapid hydration and nutrient replenishment. Below, you’ll see a step by step for how this treatment works and what you can expect from an appointment. 


At Drp IV, we do it a little differently from other places because we offer mobile IV therapy in North Ogden as opposed to a brick and mortar location. It’s a priority of ours to be able to offer our services as conveniently as possible. We bring the IV to you at your place of convenience. Whether that’s your home, the office, right before or after a race, we can be there.

In addition to mobile IV therapy in North Ogden, we offer IM shots and an additive menu. Add to your IV with additional nutrients administered via injection, or added to the IV.

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mobile = convenience

The first thing the nurse will do when they arrive is have you show them where you'll be most comfortable. They'll check that your forms are complete and take vitals.

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starting the iv

Your nurse will quickly and expertly place a small catheter in the vein using a needle to start the IV. Many people don't know, the needle doesn't even stay in your arm! Once placed, the nurse will prep the vitamins and explain what each of them do.

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Enjoy wellness!

Because the fluids and nutrients are being administered directly into the bloodstream, it is likely that you'll begin to feel better right away! After the IV is finished, the nurse will pack up their things and be on their way.

Benefits of Mobile IV Therapy in North Ogden

So why would a person opt for an IV treatment? There are many reasons to try mobile IV therapy. Here are just a few:

Detoxify the Body

Glutathione, Vitamin C, IV therapy is packed with antioxidants. IV therapy aids in detoxification by delivering a potent blend of antioxidants and nutrients directly into the bloodstream. This process helps neutralize free radicals, supporting the body’s natural detox pathways for a refreshed and revitalized feeling. Not to mention, they help take care of that harmful oxidative stress that can lead to inflammation.


Rapid Relief from Hangovers and Migraines

Two situations when the need for relief is urgent! Experience quick relief from hangovers and migraines with IV therapy, which replenishes fluids and essential nutrients depleted during alcohol consumption or intense headaches. The efficient delivery of electrolytes and vitamins directly to the bloodstream provides rapid relief, helping you bounce back and get feeling better fast.


Improve Everyday Wellness

Optimize your everyday wellness by making mobile IV therapy in North Ogden part of your routine. Recurring IV therapy treatments of customized blends of vitamins and minerals tailored to your specific needs is a great way to maximize your wellness. Mobile IV therapy enhances overall well-being, boosts energy levels, and addresses nutritional deficiencies, contributing to a healthier and balanced lifestyle. Not to mention, it’s extremely convenient!


Feel Better

Mobile IV therapy in North Ogden isn’t just for when you’re sick. IV therapy is designed to make you feel better anytime by providing a direct and efficient way to address various health concerns. Whether you’re combating fatigue, seeking immune support, or simply looking to enhance your overall wellness, the tailored nutrients in IV therapy contribute to an improved sense of well-being and hydration.

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Our Drips

Vitamin IV Icon on the IV Infusion Drip Menu in a light gray circle


The Myers Plus Drip is an iconic wellness drip that is packed with vitamins that boost the immune system, provide energy, and promote overall vitality. This is your perfect reset and the package we'd recommend if you're getting IV therapy in Roy!

IV therapy for hangover icon in a blue circle


Need a lifesaver after last night? The Hangover Drip will knock out your nausea, replenish electrolytes and get you feeling more like yourself in no time! Skip the headache and recover faster with a drip.

Migraine IV treatment icon in a light blue circle


Get rapid relief and hydration from the migraine drip. Enjoy pain and nausea relief from this drip's Toradol, Zofran, and Benadryl. Get back to feeling like yourself today!

COVID IV therapy icon in a light blue circle

COVID & FLu Recovery Drip

The COVID and Flu recovery drip will help your body have the energy and resources to fight against viruses and symptoms. Try it out today if you're still battling Cold, COVID, or Flu symptoms.

NAD IV therapy icon in light blue circle to explain nad iv therapy cost

NAD+ Drip

NAD+ is naturally found in the body; however, depletes the older we get. It is responsible for cellular health and regeneration - often it is called the "anti-aging molecule". Feel like you did 20 years ago with an NAD+ drip!

IV therapy for pregnancy icon in a blue circle


Whether you're pregnant or breastfeeding the pregnancy drip is a must! Get all the important nutrients you need to keep you and your baby nourished and healthy from IV therapy in Roy!

Commonly Asked Questions about Mobile IV Therapy in North Ogden

IV therapy can be a life saver for a range of conditions and/ or health goals. It can help by boosting energy levels, soothing hangovers and migraines, supporting immune function, enhancing athletic performance and recovery, addressing nutritional deficiencies, and promoting overall well-being through the efficient delivery of essential vitamins and nutrients.  The list goes on! If you’re not sure if it would help you, give us a call and ask!

The duration of IV therapy effects varies depending on factors such as the type of IV and individual metabolism. While hydration effects may last several hours, water-soluble vitamins and nutrients can provide benefits for as little as a day or upwards of a week.

Conditions that benefit from mobile IV therapy include dehydration, fatigue, migraines, hangovers, immune deficiencies, athletic fatigue, and general wellness optimization. IV therapy is often considered for situations where rapid nutrient absorption is necessary or when individuals have difficulty absorbing nutrients through the digestive system. This can be a result of other chronic or more serious conditions where mobile IV therapy in North Ogden is not a solution, but more of an assistance.

Yes, IV therapy can contribute to detoxification by delivering antioxidants and nutrients directly into the bloodstream, helping neutralize free radicals and supporting the body’s natural detox processes. Glutathione, vitamine C and other antioxidants are included in most of our IV packages. However, you can also get an extra dose of any of our additives!

The Myers cocktail is based on a popular combination of nutrients first administered by a doctor named Dr John Myers. The combination has since coined the term, “Myers cocktail”. At Drp IV, we offer this combination of B12, B-Complex, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Zinc, and Glutathione.

Smiling couple getting IV therapy at home in North Ogden
Donald Hansen
Donald Hansen
Wonderful lady, great with a needle (obviously skilled health care). We had a nice conversation, while she informed me of everything she was doing. She even laughed at my 60-year-old wry sense of humor. Positive results noticeable within hours. Feeling like I'm on the upswing. Thank you!
Jason Strader
Jason Strader
Jessica Pace has come to our house for the meyers drip plus on many occasions. Mainly when we are sick with Covid. She is always great to work with and the service works. So amazing. We love drip IV Utah.
Angela Strader
Angela Strader
Jessica Pace is amazing, super friendly, and helpful!
Mck M
Mck M
After a rough week Drp IV was just what my husband needed for a quick recovery. Jennie was the nurse who came to our home. She was professional and kind! The process was smooth and easy! Our kids were curious about everything and Jennie was great with interacting with them too. If you need a pick me up or some TLC, they are your go to!
Laura Marquez
Laura Marquez
Great service! Bre was amazing
Seville` Golf
Seville` Golf
Brie was patient with our rowdy golf group. Very knowledgeable and fun!
Mark Ewing
Mark Ewing
Bre was awesome. Very fun and friendly. Made it a great experience for our group
Jeff HIll
Jeff HIll
Erin was outstanding. Prompt, professional, and really engaging. Prepping for my 29029 Everesting hike and looking hierarchical to the benefits of my Drip.
Amy Weatherspoon
Amy Weatherspoon
After hiking Timp my daughter woke up feeling so sick, sore and absolutely miserable. I had heard about Drip IV from a friend of mine I decided to give them a call. Our experience with Drip IV was fantastic. The whole process was quick and easy. Their dispatch team - we worked directly with Stephanie - was professional and courteous and we were able to get an appt within an hour of calling. When our Drip IV RN, Karen, arrived she did a great job of explaining everything she was going to do before she did it and made sure we didn't have any questions. She also did a fantastic job at making sure my daughter was comfortable through the whole process. Karen was prompt, professional, caring, kind and so very personable. Thank you Drip IV for having amazing staff that made our first (and definitely not last) session with you a wonderful experience.

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