Mobile IV Therapy in Ogden, UT

Drp IV, formerly known as Drip IV Utah services mobile IV patients all along the Wasatch front, including Ogden. We believe in promoting wellness and good health in every way possible. Our highly qualified team of healthcare providers works tirelessly to ensure that you receive the best possible care that suits your unique needs. 

From our diverse range of products and services to our skilled and experienced team, we are here to cater to all your health and wellness requirements. So, whether you’re a Weber State student, health-conscious individual looking for an effective immune boost, or an athlete seeking performance optimization, our team is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive range of wellness services and book your appointment in Ogden, Utah today.

What is Mobile IV Therapy?

IV therapy has been gaining popularity in Northern Utah as an effective way to keep the body healthy and hydrated. This form of therapy involves the use of a specialized blend of vitamins and minerals that are directly infused into the bloodstream through an IV. Because the digestive system is bypassed, the body can efficiently absorb these nutrients leading to faster and more effective results.

At Drp IV, we offer a wide range of IV therapy options with many benefits. From immune system support to athletic performance, our treatments can help you achieve your wellness goals. If you’re a resident of Ogden, where many competitive athletes reside, you can benefit from our IV therapy to stay hydrated and perform at your best.

Whether you’re feeling under the weather, a fitness enthusiast, or just looking to optimize your health, our experienced nurses can provide personalized IV therapy to suit your unique needs. With our mobile services, you can receive your therapy in the comfort of your own home or office. Contact Drp IV today to learn more about how IV therapy can benefit you.

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Popular IV Treatments in Ogden, Utah

While every person has distinct health requirements and dietary inadequacies, several IV therapies have gained significant popularity lately due to their recognized and established advantages.

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This drip helps to fortify and boost the body’s immunity while also providing relief from the cold, flu, or Covid-19. With sicknesses still going around, this drip is the key to recovery and rehydrations.

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This drip helps jumpstart cellular repair & rejuvenate energy, gain cognitive clarity, and protect your genetic makeup. Athletes and celebrities alike swear by its energizing effects. It’s especially popular when paired with the Myers Drip at a discounted price!

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This drip is a lifesaver! Kick the migraine with a concoction of Toradol, Zofran, Benadryl, and Magnesium. Mobile IV lets you skip the drive and has got you covered during those unexpected migraines.

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Ogden IM Shots

Drp IV, formerly Drip IV Utah understands that IV therapy may not be the preferred choice for everyone. That’s why we offer Intramuscular (IM) shots as an alternative, which can provide targeted and efficient relief for specific health concerns. Our highly trained nurses administer these painless shots directly into your muscle tissue, ensuring that you receive the maximum benefits.


Our range of IM shots includes the B12 shot, which can boost energy levels and support healthy nervous system function, and the MIC shot, which can promote fat burning and aid in weight loss. Additionally, we offer glutathione shots, which provide powerful antioxidant support for healthy skin and immune function.


Our personalized approach to IM shots ensures that we can help you achieve your health goals. With our mobile services, you can receive your IM shots in the comfort of your home or office, making it easier to fit them into your busy schedule. Contact Drp IV today to learn more about our IM shot options and take the first step towards optimal health.

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Does IV Vitamin Therapy work?

Drp IV is your go-to provider of drip cocktails that come with a wide range of health benefits thanks to their essential nutrients content. In addition to providing essential vitamins, our cocktails are also formulated with a liter of saline that helps to hydrate and rejuvenate your body quickly.

For those in Ogden seeking to combat seasonal allergies and winter colds, our Immunity drip is an excellent option that can help to ward off sickness. If you had a night out with friends or are dealing with the flu and are having trouble keeping anything down, our Hangover drip is the perfect solution to help you get back on track quickly.

If you’re unsure of which IV therapy is right for you, our experienced nurses in Ogden are available to guide you and help you choose the perfect drip cocktail to meet your unique health and wellness goals. Our treatments are safe, effective, and tailored to meet your unique needs, and we work with only highly qualified registered nurses to ensure that you receive the best care possible.

Schedule an appointment today and experience the many benefits of our drip cocktails in Ogden. Don’t wait, contact Drp IV now to schedule your personalized session with one of our experienced nurses.

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We Do In-Home IV Therapy

Drp IV, formerly known as Drip IV Utah in Ogden brings the convenience of mobile IV therapy to you. Skip the hassle of traffic and enjoy the comfort of your own home while receiving essential nutrients. Our mobile IV therapy services are perfect for busy professionals, wellness enthusiasts, or anyone who wants to experience the benefits of IV therapy in the comfort of their own home.

Are you an office worker in Ogden? Schedule a mobile IV therapy session with us to stay hydrated, nourished, and energized throughout your work week. Our experienced nurses will ensure that you show up as your best self.

Scheduling a mobile IV therapy session with Drp IV is easy. Simply contact us by phone or text, and we’ll send one of our nurses to your doorstep on the same day. With our mobile services, you can experience the benefits of IV therapy without ever leaving your home or office. Contact us today to book your personalized mobile IV therapy session in Ogden.

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In a recent interview, co-owner Jameson shared, “those who haven’t used us and not tried IVs, especially our company – reach out if you’re interested. You know me and Landon – it’s not about us. We want to help people’s lives and will do the best of our ability to help us out”. If this sounds like something you could benefit from, please let us know!


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