What is NAD IV Therapy?

NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is a pivotal coenzyme that is naturally present in every cell of the body. It plays a crucial role in maintaining DNA integrity and reversing cellular damage. Essentially, it can repair cells. Due to its powerful capabilities, there are many benefits that come from supplementing it. In this article, we’ll break down what each of these benefits of NAD IV therapy are, how supplementation works, and what options there are.


Even though NAD naturally occurs in the body, it decreases as the body ages. This not only adds to the need to get more NAD, it makes the benefits much more impactful and noticeable. Keep in mind, if NAD sounds like something that could benefit you, you can get it done right from the comfort of your own home.


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What are the Benefits?

The benefits of NAD IV Therapy are likely the biggest draw for someone to try supplemental NAD. It should be noted that all these benefits are because of the NAD in the treatment, however, not every treatment will necessarily garner the same results. NAD IV therapy is an especially efficient way that increases the likelihood of experiencing these benefits because it allows for the best absorption rate. Other supplemental methods may not produce the same quality of results.




NAD has demonstrated the potential to slow down the aging process by influencing key proteins associated with cellular longevity. Damaged and weakened cells are factors that create signs of aging, including wrinkles, energy levels, cognitive clarity, endurance, and more. NAD also assists with reducing inflammation and the risk of age-induced diseases.


Addiction and Recovery:

NAD therapy has shown promising results in easing the process of rehabilitation and recovery. When someone has drugs in their system, their levels of NAD are lowered and addiction becomes harder to fight. When these levels are replenished, withdrawal symptoms are lowered due to NAD’s ability to lower oxidative stress and reduce cravings.



Studies indicate that NAD can restore neurologic function and contribute to improved mental clarity. It also has been linked to being able to balance neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin. This is why NAD IV therapy has even been used to help with some mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression.


Cognitive disorders are not uncommon as people age. NAD can also improve cognitive function, brain health, and mental clarity. 


Metabolic Function:


NAD’s influence on metabolic function enhances weight loss results and boosts overall energy levels while reducing fatigue.


Some research shows that NAD is able to regulate appetite and reduce cravings. For some people looking to change their lifestyle to lose weight, NAD IV therapy can be of great assistance.


Additional Benefits


Slow down the aging process,

Improve mental clarity,

Restore neurologic function,

Ease the process of rehab and recovery,

Compliment depression and anxiety treatments,

Boost energy levels and reduce fatigue,

Enhance weight loss results by improving metabolic function,

Improve the body’s overall health.

How does NAD IV Therapy Work?

NAD, originating from mitochondria, plays a crucial role in maintaining cellular health. It achieves this by prolonging the length of telomeres, which act as protective caps at the tips of chromosomes. As the body ages, telomeres tend to naturally shrink, but NAD intervenes in this process by enhancing the activity of specific proteins.


These proteins are associated with slowing down the aging rate of cells and contribute to DNA repair mechanisms. Numerous studies have provided evidence supporting the idea that NAD, through its influence on these proteins, may play a role in promoting longevity and preserving the integrity of the genetic material within cells. In essence, the intricate interplay between NAD, telomeres, and these proteins underscores its significance in cellular function and the potential modulation of the aging process.

What to Expect

NAD IV therapy is similar to other forms of IV therapy but there are a few key differences. Just like any other treatment, a nurse will arrive at the time of the appointment and begin by checking your vitals and making sure you’re comfortable.


The treatment itself is longer than other treatments and oftentimes is administered more slowly due to the discomfort that some patients experience. NAD IV therapy is a cellular repair procedure and  can sometimes cause headaches, nausea, and dizziness. Patients who experience some of these frequently report that as soon as the infusion is finished, they are back to feeling great.

As soon as the treatment is over you’ll feel a significant difference. Depending on your metabolism, this could last for days or even a few weeks. For long-term benefits, we recommend getting routine NAD IV therapy. Check out our memberships page for details on our deals!

Who is NAD IV Therapy for?

NAD IV therapy is a great option for individuals seeking holistic approaches to support various aspects of health and well-being. As seen above, it has a host of great benefits. It is particularly beneficial for those aiming to:


Combat Aging: NAD IV therapy may help slow down the aging process by influencing proteins associated with cellular longevity. At Drp IV, we frequently treat patients with this desire. NAD is a great way to achieve anti-aging benefits.


Support Recovery: Individuals undergoing rehabilitation or recovery from addiction may find NAD therapy beneficial in easing the process for the same reasons as listed above.


Enhance Neurological Function: Studies suggest that NAD can restore neurologic function and improve mental clarity amongst other neurological benefits such as mood disorders, and reducing risk of mental illness.


Boost Metabolic Function: NAD’s impact on metabolic function can contribute to weight loss efforts and increased energy levels.


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Alternative to NAD IV Therapy:

NAD Injection

NAD injections are comparable to NAD IV therapy. They involve the direct administration of NAD into the bloodstream. This method also allows for rapid absorption and delivery of NAD to cells throughout the body. This could be a great option for a quicker treatment, though it’s important to understand that injection dosages may be different from IV therapy dosages. 

NAD Nasal Spray

This method also offers convenience and for some, may be less invasive than an injection. This approach involves spraying a solution containing NAD into the nasal passages, allowing for absorption through the nasal mucosa. While not as rapid as injections, it is still a quicker solution than NAD IV therapy if time is an important factor. This method is sometimes favored by those who prefer avoiding injections.

Oral NAD

Oral NAD relies on absorption through the digestive system. This method is more gradual compared to injections but is accessible and easy to take. While oral NAD may face challenges related to absorption and bioavailability, it is a popular choice among individuals looking to support general health, energy levels, and the other benefits associated with NAD supplementation.

What is NAD IV Therapy and More Frequently Asked Questions:

Is NAD IV therapy safe?

NAD IV therapy is generally considered safe with minimal side effects. However, individual responses may vary, and it’s important to note that the treatment can be more on the uncomfortable side. Keep in mind, the discomforts of the treatment end as soon as the treatment does!

The duration of NAD IV therapy sessions can vary, typically lasting anywhere from 2 to 4 hours. The exact duration may depend on the concentration of NAD being given and how slow the patient prefers to go.

The frequency of NAD IV therapy treatments varies based on individual health goals and metabolism. While some individuals may opt for periodic sessions, others might undergo a series of treatments over a specified duration.



Critical step found in DNA repair, cellular aging


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