10 Best Vitamins for Women

best vitamins for women with greenery in the background

10 Best Vitamins for Women Each stage of life brings new health and wellness needs for both women and men. However, proper nutrition is essential no matter who you are or the stage of life you’re in. The best way to get your body the nutrients it needs is through maining a healthy and balanced […]

Benefits of Glutathione IV

nurse explaining the benefits of glutathione iv therapy while prepping an IV bag

Benefits of Glutathione IV Therapy: Top 7 Need to Know Benefits Glutathione is quickly becoming more well-known and widespread in the health world, and for good reason! There are so many benefits of glutathione IV therapy and IM shots that are being discovered. We include this powerhouse nutrient in most of our drips and have […]

Anemia Home Test: How to Check Iron Levels

Anemia home test being processed by a technician

How to Check Iron Levels at Home: Anemia Home Test There are plenty of reasons for why someone would want to check their iron levels; concerning symptoms, setting health goals, and peace of mind to name a few. Getting a test for anemia is something a healthcare provider can easily order if they see a […]

Best IV Therapy in Salt Lake City

Drp IV saline bag for Best IV Therapy in Salt Lake City

Best IV Therapy Salt Lake City As IV therapy becomes more and more popular in Salt Lake City, it can be hard to know which options offer the best service for your needs. To save you some time and searching, we’ve put together our list of the top best IV therapy Salt Lake City locations. […]

Before and After Glutathione Injection

Before and After Glutathione Injection - Glutathione vial on a counter

Before and After Glutathione Injection: What to Expect Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that can be administered through IV, IM shot, or even ingested orally through a tablet or pill. Glutathione supplementation comes with a host of benefits that explain why everyone is so interested in getting their extra dose of it. In this article […]

Best IV Therapy in Lehi

Mobile IV nurse setting up IV fluid for best iv therapy in lehi

Best IV Therapy in Lehi: Who are the Top 5? It seems that IV therapy locations are popping up all over Northern Utah these days. If you haven’t tried it out yet, come see what all the hype is about! IV therapy is a great way to get efficient hydration and fuel your body with […]

How Many Water Bottles Should I Drink Per Day?

Woman with bottle wondering how many water bottles should I drink per day

How Many Water Bottles Should I Drink Per Day? The human body relies on water and fluids to function. Dehydration can have a real impact on the body and lead to serious health issues. Alternatively, staying hydrated can be your key for optimal health and wellness. So how much water is enough to keep healthy […]

Peptides For Weight Loss: The Ultimate Guide

Peptides for weight loss imagery with vials and syringes

The Ultimate Guide to Peptides For Weight Loss Weight loss and weight management are both something many Americans struggle with. In recent years, more and more research has been done to alleviate some of this struggle and help people lose weight when lifestyle changes are simply not enough. A huge portion of the research done […]

IV Therapy for Jet Lag

Woman receiving iv therapy for jet lag

IV Therapy for Jet Lag Jet lag is a common occurrence for frequent travelers, especially those who undertake longer journeys. When jet lag occurs, individuals experience more than a schedule disruption, there are physiological discomforts that occur as well. As a result, experiencing jet lag can be an exhausting and uncomfortable experience that can easily […]

How Long Does a Toradol Shot Last?

4 syringes full of different colored vitamins for post about how long does a toradol shot last

How Long Does a Toradol Shot Last? In this article, we’ll answer “how long does a Toradol shot last” in addition to other questions surrounding the popular pain management medication. Toradol is actually a brand name for what is more properly called Ketorolac. We’ll refer to it as Toradol in this article as it is […]

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