Vitamins For Adrenal Fatigue

close up of an array of vitamins for adrenal fatigue

Vitamins For Adrenal Fatigue Adrenal fatigue is a condition characterized by symptoms like chronic fatigue, stress, and sleep disturbances. With so many individuals experiencing adrenal fatigue, medical professionals, patients, and others have begun to explore various supplements for relief. In this article, we’ll delve into the top vitamins that have shown promise in supporting adrenal […]

Vitamin D Shot

vitamin d shots vial for iv therapy in heber city in front of two green books

Vitamin D Shots – The IM Shot Series This week’s IM shot highlight is for Vitamin D! Vitamin D is an important vitamin that people are commonly deficient in, especially during the winter time. Though there are vitamin d rich foods, most vitamin D intake is from being in the sun – thus the difficulty […]

NAD Youth Molecule

NAD youth molecule sitting on a mirror with green leaves behind it

NAD Youth Molecule | Where Does the Name Come From? In the pursuit of unlocking the secrets to prolonged youth and vitality, one molecule has taken center stage in the realm of anti-aging research—NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide). This molecule is often referred to as the “fountain of youth”. NAD+ plays a pivotal role in numerous […]

NAD IV Before and After

nurse preparing IV therapy and explaining what to expect from NAD before and after

NAD IV Before and After – What to Expect NAD is integral to healthy cellular activities. It is the natural depletion of NAD overtime that is responsible for signs of aging such as lower energy, slower metabolism, impaired ability to fight illness, and increased inflammation. In this article, we’ll explore the NAD IV before and […]

Zinc Shot – The IM Shot Series

Vial of zinc for a zinc shot

Zinc Shot – The IM Shot Series In this installment of the IM shot series, we’ll dive deep into one of the methods of supplementing zinc: the zinc shot. Zinc can be sourced from a diet of meat and fish, oral tablets, juice shots, or an intramuscular shot. Zinc is so important, especially during periods […]

Best Energy Supplements for Chronic Fatigue

Line up of the best energy supplements for chronic fatigue vitamin bar vials on a table with syringes in packaging in front of them

Best Energy Supplements for Chronic Fatigue: Symptoms, Causes, and More Do you find yourself constantly battling fatigue that just never seems to get better? If so, you might be experiencing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), a condition characterized by persistent tiredness that doesn’t improve even after a good night’s sleep, relaxing, or other forms of rest. […]

NAD+ IV Therapy Dosage Guide

A vial with NAD+ IV therapy Dosage on a reflective surface and greenery in the background

NAD+ IV Therapy Dosage Guide and FAQs NAD+ IV therapy is a powerful supplement for replenishing the naturally occuring NAD in the human body. As a person ages, their NAD levels deplete which contributes to symptoms of aging. Supplementing NAD+ can have significant, even life changing, benefits. In this article, we’ll create an NAD+ IV […]

Detox IV

A nurse preparing a detox IV in a patient's living room

Detox IV: A Full Body Reset One big benefit of IV therapy is its ability to give the body a full detox. We often hear the experience described as rejuvenating, reviving, and replenishing. This comes from the abundance of antioxidants and feel good vitamins that work together to make the detox IV. There are many […]

Glutathione Shot

Glutathione shot vial to demonstrate what to avoid when taking glutathione

Glutathione Shot – The IM Shot Series The third installment of the IM Shot Series (See installment 2) is all about the glutathione shot. You may have heard some hot takes or even some myths about glutathione; however, in this article, we’ll set the record straight. Glutathione shots are given for a variety of reasons […]

NAD IV Therapy Cost

NAD IV therapy icon in light blue circle to explain nad iv therapy cost

NAD IV Therapy Cost As more and more people find out about the amazing benefits of NAD+, we get asked all the time about NAD IV therapy cost. An NAD treatment is much different that most other IV treatments and because of that, the cost varies as well. In this article we’ll break down NAD […]

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