NAD IV Before and After – What to Expect

NAD is integral to healthy cellular activities. It is the natural depletion of NAD overtime that is responsible for signs of aging such as lower energy, slower metabolism, impaired ability to fight illness, and increased inflammation. In this article, we’ll explore the NAD IV before and after to paint a picture of what benefits come from replenishing NAD through IV therapy.

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Who is the Ideal Candidate for NAD IV Therapy?

Truthfully, anyone can benefit from NAD IV therapy. At the least, the treatment comes with a liter of electrolyte packed fluid – and who couldn’t use a little more hydration. However, certain individuals will be able to notice a more drastic NAD IV before and after experience. These individuals are:

  • Those who are recovering from a surgery
  • Those who deal with chronic pain or are healing from pain
  • Those who want to reverse the effects of aging and experience improved cognitive performance, energy levels, and appearance.
  • Those who are overcoming an addiction and/or are experiencing withdrawal symptoms.
  • Those who are very athletic and are looking to get an edge on their goals, recover quicker and perform better

What to Expect NAD IV Before and After:

For those who have never heard of NAD IVs or who haven’t experienced it, this section is for you. Here is what to expect from NAD IV, before and after.


We would recommend before the treatment to take note of how you’re feeling cognitively and physically. The treatment itself can induce some nausea as the treatment is repairing cells; however, we recommend eating a little bit of food prior to the treatment to lessen that nausea. Avoid junk foods or foods high in added sugar. Pick a comfortable spot for the treatment, once the nurse arrives, they’ll begin setting up in that location. 


As soon as the treatment is over, any nausea or muscle cramps happening will stop. Due to the discomfort some patients opt for a slower treatment while others, knowing that it ends with the drip, prefer to do it a little faster. Either immediately or within a couple hours the effects of the hydration can be felt and patients will begin feeling the physically and cognitively strengthening effects. There will be a clear NAD IV before and after differences are felt.

For more on what to expect in regards to dosages and cost, check out our Blog.

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In Case You’ve Wondered

How long does it take for NAD IV to work?

It can take some time to be able to really put together an NAD IV before and after comparison. The time it takes to notice a change can vary among individuals, but some people may experience improvements in energy and well-being shortly after the infusion, while others might take a few days to notice significant changes.

The frequency of NAD+ IV sessions depends on individual needs and health goals. Some people may choose to have regular sessions, such as weekly or monthly, while others may opt for occasional boosts.

NAD infusions can be uncomfortable for some individuals due to the cellular repair going on and potential side effects such as temporary warmth, flushing, mild nausea, or some muscle cramps. These effects are generally mild and transient, but individual tolerance may vary. As soon as the infusion is over, any negative feelings go away.

The duration of the benefits of NAD IV therapy is not definitively established and may vary among individuals. Some people report noticing differences like sustained improvements in energy levels and overall well-being right away, but the longevity of effects may depend on factors like lifestyle, health status, and continued NAD supplementation.

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