NAD+ IV Therapy Dosage Guide and FAQs

NAD+ IV therapy is a powerful supplement for replenishing the naturally occuring NAD in the human body. As a person ages, their NAD levels deplete which contributes to symptoms of aging. Supplementing NAD+ can have significant, even life changing, benefits. In this article, we’ll create an NAD+ IV therapy dosage guide so you have all the right information on how to start taking NAD+, the different dosages available, and how to pick the right one.


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What NAD+ IV Therapy Dosages are Available?

At Drp IV, our main NAD+ IV therapy dosages are 500mg and 1000mg. These treatments are often paired with a Myers+ treatment for a full body wellness treatment. Factors such as age, health goals, environment, and stress can all play a role in what dosage you should take. This isn’t a decision to be made by yourself. Consult with your nurse and be open and honest about your medical history. We work with licensed medical control providers to ensure a safe treatment for each of our patients.

Outside of the services we offer at Drp IV, there are other dosages and methods of administration of NAD+. Prescribed NAD can be taken orally daily and is usually anywhere from 5-10mg. NAD can also be taken through injection where the dosages are the same as would be received with IV therapy.

What is the Right NAD+ IV Therapy Dosage?

The right dosage strikes a balance between providing therapeutic benefits and avoiding potential adverse effects. As mentioned before, determining which dosage is right for you should be done in a conversation with your nurse and should be approved by a medical provider who will also write the prescription. If you’ve never tried the treatment before, you can’t go wrong trying the smallest NAD+ IV therapy dosage first 

How Often Should You Take NAD+?

This is dependent on your health goals and the method in which you’re getting NAD. Most oral and nasal supplements will be prescribed to be taken one to two times per day while injections and IV infusions are usually received on a weekly basis or at least multiple times over a given time period. Additionally, certain chronic conditions or age-related conditions could benefit from more frequent NAD+ treatments.

Cost can also be a determining factor for taking NAD. Read more about what the costs are here. In the end, determining how often you should take NAD+ should also be done in consultation with a medical provider.

Commonly Asked Questions

What are the doses of NAD infusions?

NAD+ IV therapy dosages can vary based on individual needs and health conditions. Talk with your nurse about which option would be best for your goals. At Drp IV we offer 250mg under certain circumstances, 500mg, and 1000mg dosages of NAD+.

The appropriate amount of NAD to be injected depends on the purpose of the treatment and individual health factors. Whichever dose you choose is what will be injected into your drip. If you have never tried NAD+ and have some concerns, it wouldn’t hurt to start with a smaller dose and work up.

NAD infusions may cause discomfort due to the cellular repair that is happening. Some individuals may experience sensations like warmth or flushing during the infusion process while others might experience a stomach ache or sore feeling muscles. These discomforts end as soon as the treatment is over.

While NAD+ is generally well-tolerated, excessive intake may lead to adverse effects. Taking too much NAD+ could potentially result in side effects such as nausea, headaches, or dizziness. It is crucial to follow recommended dosages and consult with our nurse and medical professionals to prevent any negative outcomes associated with overconsumption.

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