Did you know that IV drip therapy has countless health and wellness benefits? The days of drips being solely for use in hospitals are gone. Now, this handy method of administration puts necessary vitamins and minerals straight into the bloodstream.

More and more health-conscious people are soaking up IV therapy benefits from the comfort of their own homes. You’ll only wonder why you didn’t do it sooner! Read on to learn more about how it works, the benefits, and how an IV drip could help you.

What Is a Vitamin IV Drip?

Just like it says on the tin, a vitamin IV drip administers vitamins and minerals needed by the human body intravenously. A small tube is inserted into a vein, usually in the hand, and you can sit back and relax as the drip gets to work.

As it is a medical procedure, you should only accept treatment from trained professionals who know what they are doing. Harnessing the healing powers of the intravenous method that has been used for the last hundred years, IV therapy heals and regenerates.

What Is In an IV Drip?

While the specifics of the ingredients may vary, most will contain a blend of B and C vitamins along with Zinc, magnesium, and other minerals. As it is delivered through the medium of saline solution, IV therapy is deeply hydrating too.

Depending on your needs, you can find options with other ingredients like Toradol, Zofran, Benadryl, and more. Most mobile IV drip providers have a range of blends available to suit your requirements perfectly, carefully constructing a combination for you.


This electrolyte helps to lower blood pressure while also reducing feelings of anxiety. By promoting feelings of calmness, magnesium could provide you with a good night’s sleep, muscle relaxation, and relief from migraines and headaches.


As one of the most common deficiencies in adults, Zinc is a crucial ingredient in an IV therapy drip. With incredibly immune system boosting properties, it is a must-have to fight illnesses and disease while keeping you hydrated too.

Vitamin C

The boundless strengths of vitamin C have long been known, which is why it is one of the top-taken supplements worldwide. Include vitamin C in your drip for an improved mood, clearer skin, faster healing of wounds, improved iron absorption, a boosted immune system, and more.

Vitamin B Complex

Comprising eight different B vitamins for maximum effectiveness, a B-vitamin complex in your drip will support red blood cell growth, digestive functioning, healthy production of hormones, and cardiovascular health.


This anti-inflammatory drug helps to relieve pain while reducing inflammation. Ideal for migraines, headaches, hangovers, and more, this is a top ingredient to include if you are in any pain.


Made up of three essential amino acids, glutathione is a naturally produced peptide with an incredible ability to promote healthy skin, body function, and overall mood. Known as the master detoxifier, this peptide promotes general wellbeing.


Working to block histamines and acetylcholine, the substances your body creates when you have an allergic reaction, Benadryl is a great addition to your IV drip if it’s allergy season, or simply if you have symptoms of the common cold.

How Can a Vitamin IV Drip Help You?

From boosting hydration and energy levels to improving cognitive function and mental agility, there are an endless number of IV vitamin therapy benefits. Shown to improve mental health conditions like anxiety too, the pros are countless.

We have been taking vitamin supplements for years, so why not jump to the next level and get the benefits directly in your bloodstream? From the comfort of your own home, you could feel like a brand new person in no time!

Why Choose IV Over Oral?

The benefits of IV fluids over orally taken supplements are huge. Through bypassing the digestive tract (where absorption is only around 30%), effective absorption is guaranteed, as each patients’ age, health, and body chemistry will affect the rate at which vitamins are taken in through the gut.

When you choose IV drip therapy, the minerals are sent straight to the bloodstream where they get working right away. The effects will be faster and much greater, as you won’t waste any through the digestive process.

Don’t Know What to Choose?

If it sounds like there is too much to think about – don’t worry. We have specially crafted packages to suit your every need. Not sure which package is right for you? Contact us to find out more about our IV drip at-home services.

Our expertly designed packages can aid a variety of things, like stress relief, hydration, and allergies. Whether to treat a hangover or a migraine, recover from COVID or fight the effects of aging, we have got you covered.

Why Is At-Home IV the Favorite?

While some people prefer to go to IV lounges, choosing to get your vitamin IV drip at home is popular for many reasons. First and foremost, it is incredibly convenient, meaning you don’t have to waste any time at all on travel – mobile IV services come to you.

So, if you are feeling nervous or unsure before your first session, put your feet up with your favorite movie, and have all your home-comforts nearby. Recharge at home with the help of a trained professional and feel like an entirely new person in no time.

Experience the benefits of IV Drip in the comfort of your own home. Call Drip IV Utah (385) 301-6279 or visit the website to schedule an appointment.

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