Magnesium Shot

Bottle of magnesium on a book shelf prepped for magnesium shot

Magnesium Shot – The IM Shot Series Many people suffer from muscle cramps, difficulty sleeping, and overwhelming feelings of stress. At Drp IV, our mission is to help others feel their best no matter their situation. We can help with muscle cramps, sleeping issues, and high levels of stress with a magnesium shot, one of […]

Vitamin Shots

A line up of syringes of vitamin shots

Vitamin Shots If you’ve been following Drp IV for a while, you’re familiar with our IM shots and our IM shot series! In this installment, we’re going to recap some of the vitamins we’ve already covered. This article will serve to be a guide for all things vitamin shots! We’ll go into the general details, […]

Vitamin C Shot

Vial of ascorbic acid prepped and ready to use for Vitamin C shot

Vitamin C Shot – The IM Shot Series This is an exciting installment of the IM shot series! Vitamin C is in almost all of our drips because it is just that good! We frequently have patients who request an extra or high dose. Here is everything you need to know about the vitamin C […]

Biotin Shots

IM shots including biotin shots laid out and prepared for administration

Biotin Shots For this installment of the IM shot series, we’ll do a deep dive on biotin shots. What they are, how they compare to oral supplements, and the benefits you might receive. If you missed our features of vitamin D, zinc, or glutathione, give those a read as well! Without further ado, let’s get […]

Vitamin D Shot

vitamin d shots vial for iv therapy in heber city in front of two green books

Vitamin D Shots – The IM Shot Series This week’s IM shot highlight is for Vitamin D! Vitamin D is an important vitamin that people are commonly deficient in, especially during the winter time. Though there are vitamin d rich foods, most vitamin D intake is from being in the sun – thus the difficulty […]

Zinc Shot – The IM Shot Series

Vial of zinc for a zinc shot

Zinc Shot – The IM Shot Series In this installment of the IM shot series, we’ll dive deep into one of the methods of supplementing zinc: the zinc shot. Zinc can be sourced from a diet of meat and fish, oral tablets, juice shots, or an intramuscular shot. Zinc is so important, especially during periods […]

Glutathione Shot

Glutathione shot vial to demonstrate what to avoid when taking glutathione

Glutathione Shot – The IM Shot Series The third installment of the IM Shot Series (See installment 2) is all about the glutathione shot. You may have heard some hot takes or even some myths about glutathione; however, in this article, we’ll set the record straight. Glutathione shots are given for a variety of reasons […]

B Complex Shot

Vitamin B Complex shot Vial next to other vitamin vials with oranges, lemons, and limes to the left

B Complex Shot – The IM Shot Series Welcome back to the IM Shot Series! In this second installment, we are doing a deep dive into B-Complex shots. Don’t forget to check out the first post in the series about b12 energy shots, in case you missed it. B-complex is one of those vitamins that […]

B12 Energy Shot

B12 Energy Shot Vial against a background with red rose petals and sequence

B12 Energy Shot – The IM Shot Series Welcome to a brand new series as we explore all the different IM shots we offer at Drp IV and what they can do for you. For the first installment of this series, we’ll dive into the well-known B12 energy shot! We’ll dive into the pros and […]

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